The United States has joined forces with the European Union in Imposing Sanctions on Russia

The United States may have just breathed life into the Cold War narrative. This is in the wake of the White House decision to impose sanctions on the Russian administration as revealed by the administration’s spokesperson.

Although hard to believe, Ned Price – the White House spokesperson; explained that there is no love lost between the nations as the decision is a way the United States is showing displeasure at Russia’s stance on human rights issues.

Why Is the United States Sanctioning Russia?

The decision to sanction another member of the United Nations Security Council is in light of how the nation is dealing with its opposition leader – Navalny.

Of late, the Russian judicial administration claimed to have found the opposition leader guilty of violating the law, and he is currently facing time. The decision has sparked so many riots in the nation and human rights groups have reported how security agents are badly handling the situation.

Of late, an anonymous protester recalled how many of the pro-Navalny supporters and protesters have been apprehended by the security forces and violated in many ways. The worse thing is how instead of addressing these issues, the administration of long-standing Prime Minister – Putin has taken light of the situation.

As a matter of fact, the prime minister passed fresh legislation increasing punitive measures binding on protesters.

However, the reason for the United States sanction is more than this. The reason dates back to August 2020 when Navalny was poisoned by the Russian Government.

Is the Russian Government Responsible for the Human Right Abuse of Navalny?

From all indications, Navalny is a threat to the powers that be in Russia. This is in light of how he was always exposing the corrupt and dark secrets of government officials in the nation.

Although the Russian government has debunked claims that it is responsible for the poisoning of Navalny, all the facts prove otherwise. For one, after the incident on a flight within Russia, Navalny was taken into intensive care in a Russian Hospital. The diagnosis run at this hospital showed that there was no case of poisoning.

Furthermore, security agents stopped friends and family from seeing the Navalny. However, after pressure from a German human rights group, Navalny was released and allowed to be flown out for treatment in Germany.

It was in Germany that it became clear that the Opposition leader was poisoned. Additionally, the poison used - Novichok nerve agent; is something only in the possession of the Russian military.

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