Social Media Tech Giants Urged to do More in Stopping the activities of Racist

The year 2020 and years before have seen victims of racist attacks and concerned groups express dissatisfaction towards policymakers. This is in light of how the issue of racism is not taken as seriously as it should. For instance, there was global outrage as a police officer killed George Floyd with the assistance of colleagues by kneeling on the neck of the victim.

In a recent development, social media platforms have been condemned for their roles in aiding racial abuse and called upon to change the narrative.

How Social Media Platforms are Guilty of Aiding Racial Abuses

Some human rights activists have accused many of the Tech giants of their role in promoting racial inequality by allowing racial prejudice to be aired on their platform.

One of the embittered activists stated that “many of these tech giants do not take the right action in sanctioning people that post these comments on their social media handles. Even the few that take down the comments can do a lot more, they can make use of Artificial Intelligence in tracking the perpetrators and banning them from making use of their platform. This is a fight that everyone should be involved in and the tech giants are not left out”.

Another activist pointed out that “rather than making plans to stop the implementation of the Maryland tax laws and things that impact on their financial revenue, these tech guys should do something worthwhile for humanity. The least they can do is ensuring their platforms are not instruments for racial assault”.

What Are the Big Tech Guys Saying?

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have come out to express their stance on the issue. Many of these tech companies have stated that people guilty of posting abusive comments will have their accounts disabled. This is in the bid to stop perpetrators of racial abuse from using these platforms for their illicit activities.

However, activists think these companies do not have this as a priority and need to be proactive about making policies that put these statements into practice.

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