Economic Situation Forces Texan Administrators to Ease Lockdown Even with High-Risk Factors

The state of Texas has had to battle some very unfortunate circumstances. For instance, the winter storm that has affected the southern part of the country has made living a nightmare in this state. This is asides from the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused a surge in the unemployment rate and other negatives.

In this report, the decision of the Texan administrators to completely ease the lockdown restrictions in the city is being discussed.

Concerns from Various Quarters

A while ago, the governor of the southern state of Texas briefed pressmen. In the briefing, he stated that things have taken the wrong turn for too long and the narratives have to change. He stressed how small business ventures have been mostly affected by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Additionally, the governor stated that the restrictions caused by the pandemic have pushed more Texans further down the poverty line. As a result of this and a lot more, the number one Texan citizen has decided to ease the lockdown restrictions “100 percent”.

However, it is apparent that this is not a unanimous decision. This is especially judging from the statements of some of his subordinates. A good example is the Mayor of Houston who wasted no time in stressing that the decision is not in the best interest of the state.

Causes for Concern

Health experts and other concerned parties are alarmed by the decision of the state governor. Many of them have reiterated that while the economic situation in Texas and many other parts of the nation has to change, the solution does not lie in relaxing the restrictions “100 percent”.

A health expert explained that “the governor’s decision to do this is a decision that puts several months of hard work in jeopardy. This is especially because of the spread of the new variants of the virus reported in several parts of the country”.

This health expert admonished the governor and state policymakers to reconsider their stance towards easing lockdown restrictions in the state.

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